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Community Pharmacy


If you need help with the bottom line, adding on an aged care business, improving the efficiency of your processes, building relationships with other health providers, taking advantage of service based funding initiatives... we're ready to help!
Tough Times? - Get some help!


DMI Pharmacy Consultants have successfully helped many pharmacies to improve their efficiency, productivity, work flow and bottom line. We can do that for you too.


We have extensive experience in finding 'the edge' for the pharmacies we have helped. That point of difference allows you to maximise your profitability in your spcific community and environment.



Professional Services


We can provide you with practical advice and introduce you to our services in the area of:


1. Home Medicine Reviews

2. in-store medication management checking and initiatives

3. specific disease states monitoring and services

4. clinical services to the community

5. building mutually beneficial relationships with other health-care providers.


Don't have time or qualified staff to get involved in professional initiatives? Just ask us for the solution!

Tendering Services


Would you like to tender for Aged Care or Hospital business?


We have experience in providing advice and helping you build your Aged Care of Hospital business. We can do everything from writing your tender documents, exploring your options, applying for business, representing and advising you throughout the process, presenting on your behalf and helping you set-up industry leading systems and processes to make the new venture a success.


Give us a call!

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