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Hospital Services

DMI Pharmacy Consultants has experience in all aspects of medication management pertaining to Private Hospital Pharmacy and Clinical Services in Hospitals. There isn't much we haven't done!
Medication Management Audits and Corporate Reporting


We provide auditing and reporting systems on Medication Management in line with Clinical Indicators and NSQHS Medication Safety Standards. We provide reporting and oversight on behalf of the Private Hospital or on behalf of the contracted pharmacy. Our reports are benchmarked across all available private and public hospital data and provide a great platform for Quality Development and Initiatives.


We have access to most innovative and cutting edge processes and technologies to assist you in ensuring medication management and clinical standards.

Policy and Procedure development and Staff Education


We can assist your hospital or your hospital pharmacy in developing and applying policies and procedures in the Medication Management areas. We guarantee compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards.


DMI Pharmacy Consultants also offers tailored education services via workshops, lectures and online portals. All education is accredited for CPD points and is delivered in line with Medication Management Audits and Corporate Goals.

Innovative Electronic Medication Management Systems


We have been involved in development of many clinical tools, allowing your clinical pharmacists to perform up to 60% more time on the wards rather than in the dungeons (where pharmacies are historically found). Wouldn't you rather have your pharmacists interacting with other health care staff and making a real difference to your patient's care?


From hand-held devices to improve reporting, ordering and information services to full bedside dispensing systems. If it exists, we can introduce it, research it and help you implement it!

Business and Tendering Processes


We have a wealth of experience in developing, writing, presenting and evaluating Private Hospital Pharmacy supply and clinical services Tenders and Contracts.


If you want to get the best pharmacy services or you want to bid for that elusive hospital pharmacy business, just give us a call. You'll be surprised what we can do for you.

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