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Aged Care Services

Changing Medication Management Culture


DMI Pharmacy Consultants provide a complete set of RMMRs for all residents once every 2 years. The reviews are communicated directly to the prescribers, facility and pharmacy, and uniquely to our service we provide:


  • auditable outcomes of all previous recommendations

  • practical recommendations to the facility staff for each resident

  • recommendations to the supplying pharmacy

  • benchmarked Drug Usage Evaluation graphs, showing improvements and progression of Quality Use of Medicine goals and strategies.



We provide the widest range of audits, and we tailor them to specific issues and systemic or process derived problems.


The outcomes of our audits are discussed at MACs and lead to significant cultural changes in medication management.


Most importantly, all our audit results are benchmarked against hundreds of other facilities, providing a clear indication of areas which need extra attention.



Our lectures and workshops are not just an add-on service. They are an integral part of a structured approach to improving practice in Aged Care Facilities.


Education is linked to areas which have been identified through our audits and MAC discussion as in need of attention.


Our workshops and lectures are used to impact medication management issues and medication management culture.

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